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Water soluble products

Water-soluble film for packaging of detergent, fertilizers and pesticide
PVA films with particular water-soluble and biodegradable characteristics have been widely used in the packaging of chemicals such as detergent, cleanser, disinfector, laundry powder, pesticide and ... » more
Water soluble PVA film for embroidery underlay
Taking water soluble PVA film as embroidery underlay, you will have more colorful, beautiful and brighter embroidery patterns. Water soluble PVA film dissolves completely in cold water and does not induce negative effect on the embroidery pattern but increase the production efficiency and saves the energy... » more
Water soluble packaging for cement additives
Cement additive has natures of alkali, acidity and high concentration. It is normally used outdoors and easily getting into operators? eyes and skin and pollute the enviroment. In the past operators have to put on appropriative overall to avoid the pollution of cement additive, which is very costly and inconvenient... » more
PVA bag for fishing
By using PVA bag instead of traditional net bag to pack bait and hooks for deep-water fishing, PVA bag could avoid the interference by the fishes in shallow-water area and diminish before reaching the deep-water areas as it dissolves in deep water... » more
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